The Performance of a New Instrument for In Situ Measurements of ClO in the Lower Stratosphere
D.W. Toohey, L.M. Avallone, N.T. Allen, J.N. Demusz, J.N. Hazen, N.L. Hazen, and J.G. Anderson, Geophys. Res. Lett. 20, 1791-1794, 1993. 

Abundances of chlorine oxide (ClO) have been measured from 16 km to 30 km by a new balloon-borne in situ instrument developed from an optical design flown previously on the NASA ER-2 aircraft. This instrument, a prototype for one to be flown on the Perseus remotely piloted aircraft, was one-third the weight of that on the ER-2, yet retained the high precision and accuracy necessary for detailed photochemical studies of the lower stratosphere. In this paper we will discuss the performance of the instrument during its first flight on March 31, 1991, over eastern New Mexico.